8 Major Google Algorithm Updates That Have Changed the Google Search

We all know what algorithms are, but for those who don’t, let me tell you, algorithms are a set of rules for any app, software, or computer system. Now, Google uses lots of algorithms so that it can provide high-quality data, and that’s why it has updated its algorithm many times. They even stated that Google gets thousands of updates every year. But some of the major updates that have changed Google search quarries are:


This update happened after the Caffeine update in 2009. That is because the Caffeine update allowed low-quality data to become part of the Google search results. And to prevent it, Google made another update and introduced a score that is given by users so that user-friendly and high-quality data can get more priority. And it’s called the Panda update.

Payday Loan Algorithm

This algorithm was introduced in 2013. That is because, at that time, spam posts and websites were large in quantity and dominating over quality. So, to reduce spam quarries and websites, Google made a major change to the algorithm, and it was proven very effective.

Penguin Update

This updated algorithm was launched in 2012 by Google with the same vision as Panda. It was introduced so that Google could promote high-quality data. And it is the extended version of Panda because it can eliminate spam websites. However, the main task of this update was to reduce black hat techniques so that spammy websites and pages could be eliminated and provide real and high-quality data.

Hummingbird Update

This update was also launched in 2013. Now, the main objective of this update is to provide more relevant content. Suppose you are searching something on Google with a keyword and getting the search result for that what you are looking for, but you have searched for something that is different in words. Well, with the help of this update, Google can understand the search intent and appropriate results even if you search with different words.

Mobile Update

You can guess by the name of this update. Yes, this update promotes web pages that are mobile-friendly. Now, with the help of this update, webpages that are mobile-friendly will appear top in the search results for those who are searching from mobile.

Rank Brain

It is a machine-learning algorithm that is similar to the Hummingbird algorithm. It is a major algorithm of Google that can understand the search intent and provide high-quality and appropriate search results to the users. This algorithm was first introduced in 2015.

Possum Update

The main intent of this algorithm update is to take advantage of the location and provide the local search results to the nearest location of users. Well, in more simple terms, suppose you are searching for a restaurant to eat at; at the top of the Google search results, there will be restaurants that are close to your location will appear.


Google-indexed websites have gone through the latest algorithm update that has targeted many updates that are more focused on generating revenue rather than providing user-friendly and high-quality content. Now, the main motive of Fred’s algorithm update is to target those websites that are providing low-quality content and have lots of ads.

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