Asian Foods That Everyone Should Try At Least Once in the Life-Time

When you think of Asian cuisine, you are about to enjoy it, and there are many different options to choose from. The kitchen often relies on rice and soy sauce, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t find gluten-free versions of some dishes. Popular desserts include Japanese mochi, a sweet rice ball, and Thai mango sticky rice. Asian desserts are generally healthier than Western desserts. This makes them a good choice for those following a gluten-free diet. Vietnamese cuisine is simple and seasonal, focusing on local ingredients like rice and vegetables cooked in a variety of flavorful broths.

The most famous dish is pho, as are rice paper rolls

Cambodian food is similar to Thai cuisine, with bold flavours and coconut milk curries. Cambodian cuisine is known for its rich and flavorful seafood dishes, such as amok, a hearty soup. Whole fish preparations are common. In Northeast Asia, rice and noodles are the staple foods. Traditionally, the meat is served with rice, vegetables, and herbs flavoured with soy sauce, ginger, chillies, and/or other spices. Other dishes in this region include satay, an Indonesian dish. It is best served with peanut sauce, lime juice and jasmine rice. If you are interested in trying Asian food, the options are endless. In Malaysia, beef rendang is a popular street food and a popular teahouse snack. The dish consists of thin rice noodles, seasoned meat and soup broth. Toppings can include cucumber slices, tofu fritters, and pork skins.

Delights of Asian Cuisine

Many Chinese restaurants offer this dish, and it’s always a crowd-pleaser during Chinese New Year. Some other dishes to try in this country are kecapmanis (a dark soy sauce) and sambal. Whether you are looking for a savoury, sweet or savoury dish, Asian cuisine offers a wide range of dishes to tempt your taste buds. Teriyaki sauce, for example, is a staple of Japanese cuisine and has found its way into the cuisines of many other countries. You can even make a delicious chicken meal at home in 15 minutes by making a simple teriyaki. For added flavour, you can serve this dish with steamed broccoli and classic white rice.

Bibimbap to Gyoza

In China, you can eat rice dishes and stir-fries, although both are common in the region. Originally created out of necessity, the popular dish bibimbap has been around for many years. Bibimbap is a plate of assorted vegetables and meats with rice, making it extra nutritious. In Japan, there are hot and spicy versions of jiaozi dumplings called gyoza. These rice balls are often paired with a tandoori chicken dish. Indonesian and Malaysian cuisines are similar, although they have different influences. Both countries have rice-based dishes, and many of these cross-pollinated dishes are popular.

In the Philippines, you’ll find the famous cendol, a dessert made with crushed ice, coconut milk, and jelly noodles. Aside from being a popular dessert in Indonesia, cendol is considered the Indonesian equivalent of the Filipino halo-halo.

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